As a seller, you can reach your ideal target market immediately, as Jewelify is a place for jewellery lovers only. Customers visit Jewelify to find out what the latest trends are, discover bold, new fashion statements and to get their hands on stylish pieces at a great price.

The social media element means that your products will consistently be talked about, shared amongst friends and shared on other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Other users will share articles about the latest trends in the jewellery world, and you can hear first from the leading experts in the field.

Jewelify is a unique e-commerce site, as it not only allows you to buy and sell exclusive pieces, but you can directly connect with your favourite designers and chat to them live via our direct messaging service. You can also connect with other members on the site to discuss the latest trends and news within the jewellery world.

As a seller, Jewelify is a place where you can essentially get free marketing for your products, directly to your target audience. Find your ideal buyer in seconds and let them spread the word to all your friends; see your personal designs being shown proudly to the world.

How often do you get to personally talk to your favourite designer, and even potentially request bespoke pieces for that special occasion? Jewelify gives you this unheard-of opportunity to be part of a fantastic community, where everyone loves the same thing… beautiful jewellery!



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